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coffins, sagada philippinesphoto of hanging coffins- sagada, philippinesSagada is a small province resting peacefully in the mountains of the Paradise called the Philippines. It’s about a 6 hour bus ride from Baguio City, which is itself about a 6 hour bus ride from Manila. It’s well worth the trip though. Sagada is famous for its hanging coffins. It was a former practice of hanging the coffins from a cliff with the belief that this would aid the souls of the dead to reach heaven.

Hanging Coffins

Rock formation inside the Sumaguing Cave

Sagada’s main tourist attraction though are the Sumaguing and Lumiang Caves. The caves feature unique and unusual rock formations, and they also include tunnels. They were carved out by water and it is interesting to see what water has done to the rocky surroundings and floors in these caves. You can explore the caves with the help of the local guides.

Sumaguing cave

You have two options for exploring the caves. The first is the short route. The caves have flowing water in the lower parts, and by choosing the short route, you will only pass through the parts of the caves that have a shallow water level. Your second option is the long route. This route is much more difficult and challenging because you must pass through parts of the cave where the water is much deeper. It can reach up to one’s neck. The long route will take you through the cave’s tunnel systems. This route is takes much longer and either way you go a local guide is a must.

Sagada rice terraces

Other interesting places to see there are, Other places of interest in Sagada are, Lake Danum, the Rice Terraces, Echo Valley, the Underground River, Kiltepan Tower and the Bomod-ok and Bokong Falls.


As for accommodations, there are a number of hotels and inns located very near the bus stop. The accommodations offered are at a very reasonable rate. You shouldn’t have any problems finding a place to rest. There are restaurants located nearby, ready to serve all visitors. The town is very peaceful and a great place to see some extraordinary sites and relax. One final note, though the town is small, the education level is high and the locals speak English quite well .

Sagada Philippines, A Hidden Treasure Of Caves, Waterfalls, And Pure Mountain Living