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Kasawan Falls – Cebu

photo of Kasawan Water Falls – Cebu
Kasawan Falls – Cebu

Kawasan Falls is a very popular destination in the southern part of Cebu. About a 2-hour drive located in Badian Town. When you arrive you will have to walk about 20 minutes or so along a rocky path to reach the main waterfall. There’s a beautiful stream and a large variety of tropical plants along the path.  Be sure to have your camera ready because the view is quite spectacular. You will have to cross three small bridges along the way and this will give you a great opportunity to take some  pictures.

Second waterfall

Once you’re there food and drinks are readily available as well as some cottages and tables. There are three water falls there. The first will be the main and the largest. The paths leading of to the other two are not too difficult to navigate and well worth the trip. You will find more tables and shelters available at the other falls as well. If you plan to do some swimming, life jackets are highly recommended since the water in some spots is 30 or more meters deep. There are guides and rafts available and they will take you under a rock ledge and you will be behind the falls. You then pass through the fall itself, which is quite a unique experience. If you don’t like crowds, I recommend that you go during the week. Transportation to the falls is available via a V-Hire van. It’s a full-size van that can seat 10 comfortably and you can sit back and enjoy the ride.


Kawasan Falls, Philippines