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Dapitan City – Dakak

Dakak beach
The City of Dapitan has a rich history in the Philippines as the place the Spaniards exiled Philippine national hero Jose Rizal to after he criticized the Spanish regime for their occupation of the Philippines.

While he was training as a doctor in Spain he wrote two novels attacking the Spanish repression in the Philippines. He became one of the leading spokesmen of the nationalist movement. He was an advocate of gradual change rather than a revolutionary approach, but ran into problems with the Spanish authorities when he established the Liga Filipina, in 1892 a reform society. He was exiled to Mindanao and though not involved in the nationalist uprising of 1896, he would later be executed by the Spanish authorities for alleged complicity in the rebellion. There is now a shrine dedicated to Jose Rizal in Dapitan City.

Gloria Fantasyland

Gloria Fantasyland has become one of the best known attractions in Dapitan City. It’s a beautiful theme park, comparable to the Disney ones. It is also the largest theme park in the Philippines outside of Manila and is the first of its kind in the Mindanao - Visayas region. It boast 35 rides with more on the way and at night the view with the lights and the live shows is spectacular..

Dakak resort

The Dakak Park & Beach Resort is a 750 meter private beach and is blanketed with powdery white sand. Spring water flowing over waterfalls feed the resort’s two pools. There is a private open-air jacuzzi where you can relax and unwind. Jet-skis and water skiing are just two of the many options you have here. At night the beach is turned into a buffet and you can dine while watching locals put on a show of traditional dance. There’s plenty to do for the family besides the beach. The family can enjoy bowling,, tennis, basketball, billiards or golf.

Marine life
Dakak is also called the “Diving Mecca in Mindanao”. The prime months are March through September. The Dakak dive sites offer a variety of environments from gradual slopes to dense groups of coral, vertical walls, caves, a shipwreck and reefs. The marine life is varied. Some spots are abundant with soft coral growth and huge basket sponges, while others team with schools of jacks, surgeons, and other small reef inhabitants. There is also over 15 hectares of lush greenery to explore and you can even do some cave exploration.

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