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Kadayawan sa Dabaw 2013, The King of all Festivals – Davao City, Philippines - Miss Kadayawan beauty contest
Davao's annual festival, the Kadayawan Sa Dabaw will be celebrated officially on the third weekend of August (August 17-18, 2013) with pre and post festival activities taking place the week before and after. The Kadayawan Sa Dabaw is known in the Philippines as the King of all Festivals and is a celebration of life and a bountiful harvest. The festival offers street dancers dressed in colorful and spectacular costumes, colorful floats decorated with fruits, vegetables and flowers, sporting and cultural events all representing the local tribes of Davao and their traditions.
Photo credit: GinaD CC-BY-SA-3.0

 The streets of Davao are decorated with local fruits and vegetables and there are street dancers dressed in the colorful garments with elaborate props in the traditions of their tribes parading through the streets to the delight of those in attendance. On Sunday the festival continues with the Floral parade featuring floats decorated with flowers, and occasionally vegetables and fruits from the region showing off the blessings the region enjoys. The Kadayawan Sa Dabaw is photographers dream and there are many opportunities’ to get some beautiful pictures this extraordinary festival.

Other activities include the Miss Kadayawan beauty contest where representatives from the local tribes compete for the honor of being crowned the Bya’Neng ng Kadayawan. The beautiful young indigenous ladies competing for the title will not win it on beauty alone. They must be knowledgeable about the traditions, legend and the myths of their local people as well. The competition includes the performing of songs and dances from their tribes, modeling traditional attire and answering questions about their heritage. In the end one young lady will be titled Miss Kadayawan bringing a sense of pride and recognition to her community.
There is boat racing featuring native and speed boats held in the harbor, horse fights, where the studs fight for the rights to mate with a mare and various markets and exhibits displaying the best of what Davao has to offer. Speaking of the best Davao has to offer we can’t leave out the beautiful Mindanao girls that will be both participating and in attendance at the festival. The Kadayawan Sa Dabaw festival is one event you will not want to miss if you’re visiting the Philippines in August. Davao is one of the largest, progressive and most significant metropolitan areas in the Philippines.

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