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Parada ng Lechon Festival - Balayan, Batangas

photo of Parada ng Lechon Festival - Balayan, Batangas
Parada ng Lechon Festival is held every year on June 24th. in Balayan, Batangas to honor their patron saint, St. John the Baptist. The highlight of the festival is the actual “Parada Ng Lechon” parade of pigs. Typically 50 or more Lechon are paraded through the streets. The pigs are decorated by members of the organizations providing them and might be wearing sunglasses, wigs or other humorous costumes. In a crazy parade like this you can most certainly expect some pranksters to be lurking and they are in abundance. People from the crowds will spray water and beer over the Lechons as they are paraded by. More than the pigs are hit by these pranksters. The attendants and the crowd also get showered. It’s all part of the fun though and celebrants laugh it off.  Occasionally someone will try and sneak a bite of the tasty Lechons as they pass by as well.

After the fiesta the Lechons are returned to the homes or businesses of their owners and another celebration begins. This one involves feasting and drinking. For many with a sharing attitude they will offer some to the visitors and parade goers as well. It’s an unusual fiesta, but one that is a lot of fun and will provide you with some great memories and plenty to talk about when you get home.

The Parada ng Lechon Festival isn’t only about the parade though. The celebration actually begins the night before when an Anniversary Ball is held at the town plaza. There they will choose and crown the   Queen of the festival. The next morning there is a mass held in honor of St. John at the Immaculate Conception Church. The pigs are gathered on the patio and blessed symbolizing the baptism of John the Baptist. Following the mass, the parade begins and the Fiesta kicks it in to high gear.

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Roasted Pigs Parade (Parada ng Lechon) in Balayan, Philippines 

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