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Siargao Surfing Cup – June 11-15, 2013

poster of Siargao Surfing Cup  2013
One of the most anticipated events in the Philippines is coming to General Luna, Siargao Island, Philippines. It’s the 6th annual Siargao Girls International Surfing Cup competition. Female surfers from all over Asia and the world will gather and compete for a chance at the 200,000 php (almost USD$ 5000) prize money plus trophies.

Siargao Island is world famous for its surfing because of Cloud 9. Cloud 9 is one of the most famous surfing waves in the Philippines. The large barreling waves make it the premier surfing destination in the Philippines and its ideal for the international competitions.

Siargao is considered an inexpensive tourist destination and offers plenty of activities to go along with the surfing. Aside from the white sand beaches there is the Caob lagoon. It is a beautiful and well preserved wetland of mangroves. Only a 40 minute boat ride away and is one extraordinary sight see for nature lovers. You will also find plenty of fresh seafood and other foods to delight your taste buds. Want to take a break from the surfing? Along General Luna near Cloud you find Cafés to relax in or Discos and bars to party the night away.

Roxy Siargao International Surfing Cup 2012 | Day 3

Surfing Cloud 9 Siargao blue tubes over live coral