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Lechon - A Filipino Favorite

In the Philippines Lechon has become one of the most popular dishes. Lechon was originally introduced by the Spaniards and the name means, suckling pig that has been roasted.” It is commonly served during festivals, holidays, weddings and many other special occasions here. Typically you can find Lechon year round in the Philippines at local restaurants, stores and numerous street vendors. It is an extremely popular dish here.

Lechon is traditionally prepared by seasoning the pig after it has been cleaned and then skewed on a large stick through its entire length.  Then it is cooked over an open bed of charcoals. The pig is slowly rotated over the heat for several hours until it’s evenly cooked through. This method of cooking and an occasional basting results in a crispy skin and moist and tender meat on the inside. Once you’ve had the opportunity to try Lechon you will understand the Filipinos love for this dish. 

Lechon Baboy