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Siargao Islands Cloud Nine named one of the Top 50 Surfing Spots in the world.

Siargao Islands Cloud Nine
Cloud Nine in Siargao, Surigao del Norte made the top 10 of the world’s best surfing spots. Ranked 9th recently by CNN Travel on their list of, “World’s 50 best surf spots.” Siargao is well known by surfers all over the world as The Surfing Capital of the Philippines with a reputation for large barreling waves. The surfing season is generally considered to run from Sept – March with some of the best waves coming in Oct. – April though good waves can be found year round.

The Cloud Nine break at Siargao Island is the most famous wave there, but there are many other good waves in the area that surfers can enjoy. Siargao Island is also popular with surfers because it’s considered an inexpensive surfing destination and the people are so friendly. 

Siargao Islands Cloud has been the home of many international surfing competitions for both men and woman, the most recent competition being the “6th Siargao Girls’ International Surfing Cup” held back in June.

Surfing Cloud 9 Siargao Island, Philippines